High performance dex with next gen features.

We will be launching soon with an arsenal of features to facilitate our users. As we are crowdfunding our project, early investors will get up to 100000% APY.

Built on Binance Smart Chain


Get the best rates with the most features.

Low Fees

SYNEPTIX allows you to trade massive volumes of cryptocurrencies with little to no fees.

Blazing Fast Transactions

With Binance Smart Chain transact cryptocurrencies with lightning speed.


Transact stress-free as SYNEPTIX provides professional-grade security to its users.


Perform P2P transactions and trades as SYNEPTIX is built on BSC with no third-party involved.

Launch.   Innovate.   Disrupt.

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What it is?

SYNEPTIX is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange built on Binance Smart Chain.


How does it work?

SYNEPTIX works like any other dex but emphasizes the users more, providing them with features like Limit Orders, Stop Loss, Perpetual Contracts.